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Re: Wood Species in North CA

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Oops!  you caught me.  NAFTA aside, I did not intend to include Canadian
lumber.  Delete the "north" and use the values for lumber graded under the
WCLIB or WWPA rules.  My oldtimers disease had me remembering back to the days
in the last century when the UBC combined the Doulas Fir-Larch and Douglas Fir
Larch (north) in the same table entry as opposed to lumber from your area.

Thanks for the catch,


Roger Turk wrote:

> Bob Bossi wrote:
> >>The common framing lumber Douglas Fir -Larch (north) in Table 23-IV-V-1
>                                                 ^^^^^
> of the 1997 UBC. Most engineers spec No. 2 & better for joists and rafters
> and 2x6 studs, Select Structural for beams and Standard and better for 2x4
> studs. Some Hem-fir is also used for studs.<<
> Bob,
> Did you *really* mean to say this?
> Isn't DF-L(North) a Canadian Grading?
> Or, were you thinking "Coast" as opposed to DF(South) which is grown in
> Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, etc.?
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona