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re: Steel embedded in concrete

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If you know the lateral load on the member and it's location, you can 
calculate the bending moment at the top of the caisson.  Then you have to 
calculate the bearing pressure on the concrete from total shear load at the 
top of the caisson and the bearing due to the bending moment in the column 
assuming it is fixed at a trial depth.  The bearing stress due to the moment 
is the bending moment /  the section modulus of the flange  contact area on 
the concrete (a rectangle) with a depth = to the depth of embedment. The 
total bearing stress must be less than the allowable  for the strength of 
concrete specified.  This is a trial and error method until yopu get a depth 
that works.

Some one like Dennis may have a clever  spread sheet program that simplifies 
this procedure but normally it does not require more than a few trial runs  
to a solution.

The vertical loads  can be transmitted by a bearing plate.

I hope this helps.

R. Shreenan