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RE: Steel test reports below specified strength

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This has occurred too many times on projects with steel, concrete, and
masonry.  Don't react too quickly.  There are real issues with mills and
rolling schedules.  The questions are:
1.	Who is your client, and what is in his best interest
2.	What are the impacts to price
3.	What are the impacts on schedule
4.	What design changes (structural, architectural, and mechanical) are
required to accommodate the steel.

Talk to the client and express your concerns.  Don't just reject the
material out of hand.  There might be large cost and schedule impacts.  Also
call the mill directly, and ask them what they are going to do about this
particular problem, and what are they doing to prevent future occurrences.
Why did they even ship the steel, if it did not meet spec.?

Insist on all time that you spend on this issue be paid for by the
fabricator who will then pass it on to the mill.  Require additional coupon
tests to confirm the mill tests.

It would be nice to just reject the material, but that probably does not
provide a good service to the project or the client.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Steel test reports below specified strength
> Recently I have been contacted by a steel fabricator about some mill test
> reports being under the specified strength. I have specified 50 ksi steel
> for the wide flange columns. The highest value in the test results is 40
> ksi. The fabricator has requested we use this steel to expedite the
> project. Initially I told him I would check the design of the
> approximately
> 30 columns affected by this. After thinking about it, I don't think I
> should have to do anything other than reject the steel. I tried using 36
> ksi in my original design, but with the given parameters for the project
> 50
> ksi was necessary. I always try to work with the fabricators, this seems a
> bit much. Any comment or suggestions would be appreciated.