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RE: CD-RW Backup

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Backup exec is the industry standard.  However, it is also expensive and I'm
not really sure about compatibility with CD-RW devices.

We have recently begun using a product from NovaStor (
called NovaBackup.  I find it to be very comparable in power to BackupExec,
but (if you don't need the plug-ins to backup open files, exchange server,
etc.) it's a LOT cheaper.

They also have a product called NovaDisk that will do backups to CD-R.  This
program currently only works under Win9x, not NT, if that makes a

Check out their web site.


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Backup Exec is by Veritas. Go to

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> Happy New Year to all fellow engineers!
> I am switching from tape to CD-RW backup.  Can anybody
> recommend a tested,
> reliable, simple, effective, and inexpensive software for
> that purpose?
> Thanks in advance,
> Steve Gordin, S.E., Ph.D
> Irvine, CA