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RE: CD-RW Backup

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Title: RE: CD-RW Backup


Among my Christmas presents this year, I received a Philips Series 400 IDE Internal CD-RW which runs at 4X CD-R write,4X CD-RW write, and 32X read.  The cost was only $129 at CompUSA (on the day after Thanksgiving).  I just installed it yesterday, and the included software appears to be very good.  It is called Write2CD, and supports Audio, Data, and Backup, as well as packet writing (which is supposed to allow your CD to operate just like a hard drive or floppy).  You can get more information at

Hope this helps!

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
"Where football just isn't important!"

Steve Gordin wrote:

Happy New Year to all fellow engineers!

I am switching from tape to CD-RW backup.  Can anybody recommend a tested,
reliable, simple, effective, and inexpensive software for that purpose?

Thanks in advance,

Steve Gordin, S.E., Ph.D
Irvine, CA