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Re: Guidelines now available

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At 11:13 AM 01/10/2000 -0800, Shafat wrote:
>Recently Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) 
>Professional Practice Committee (PPC) published the "Recommended Guidelines 
>for the Practice of Structural Engineering in California."
>Last weekend I had a chance to review this practice guideline. In summary, 
>I like to say it is an excellent document that every practicing engineer 
>should own. ICBO, has done a good job printing it in a simple and easy to 
>understand format.
This practice guidelines pamphlet has been compiled over a 12-year period,
and released chapter-by-chapter during the interim. The "completed" version
is the document now available through ICBO as Shafat mentioned. Individual
members of any one of the four SEAOC Sections should have received a
complimentary copy in the mail recently, along with a copy of the latest
SEAOC Blue Book.

It does indeed appear that ICBO has done a fine printing job. As a member of
the authoring PP Committee in the final two years of the compiling effort, I
have been witness to the superb chairmanship skills that Bret Lizundia has
rendered, and to Bret in particular belongs credit for careful attention
given to the simple and easy to understand format that the entirety was cast
into. He worked up several format alternatives with help from ICBO's skilled
publication staff, and afforded the PP Committee great latitude for timely
review and influence. No matter was settled without everyone's keen

As the late 1999 completion neared, it was evident that some provisions in
chapters written long ago weren't precisely in accord with what the newer
committee members might have preferred, but those with memory of what it
took to get consensus back then counseled a light touch. Thus revisions to
older portions were very sparing, and reflect interest in clarity more than
in revisiting the underlying philosophy. 

The PP Committee is not among the autonomous ones in SEAOC, and the Practice
Guidelines were subject to review and approval of the full SEAOC Board of
Directors prior to publication. 

The style of SE Practice this guideline contemplates is that of private
consulting, primarily to architects as design team members, and secondarily
to building owners. Other forms of SE practice also exist, but the
guidelines are not yet oriented toward them. The Forensic chapter is the
newest one, and was very thoroughly reviewed and refined during the last
year. It is presently aimed at expert witness engagements in connection with
civil litigation. It does not contemplate professional license discipline
proceedings, for example, nor does the earlier Professional Conduct chapter.

For these reasons and others, the Practice Guidelines now offered are
complete, coordinated, and informative with respect to their originally
intended scope, but are also eligible both for update and for extension in
scope. I hope SEAOC will carry on with evolution and enhancement of these
Practice Guidelines accordingly.

Charles O. Greenlaw SE    Sacramento CA