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RE: residential plywood diaphragm glue

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Charles, you left out a few things. Epoxied holdown anchors used in retro
fitted applications will surely fail in a brittle fashion rendering the
ductile plywood shearwall useless. The rigid glued nailed plywood diaphragm
will be to blame.

Also when all the glue used in plywood, glu-lams and TJI's starts
deteriorating (in about 100 years) buildings will slowly turn into large

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> weld metal, and besides we can't afford another SAC Project just on glued
> plywood shearwalls.

Wood framed buildings make up a large proportion of all the buildings in
zone 4. Makes sense to do some more full scale testing of plywood shearwall
assemblies and glue nailed diaphragms that replicate real world
applications. Or we could introduce some new flexibility factors (has iota
been used?) for flexible, semi-flexible, semi rigid, rigid and ludicrously
rigid. Of course R will have to be modified once more, we could call it Rf.

Jeff Smith