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RE: Guidelines now available

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Is there a similar document for SEAW? Or, is the guidelines book suitable
for those in neighboring states?

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> At 11:13 AM 01/10/2000 -0800, Shafat wrote:
> >Recently Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) 
> >Professional Practice Committee (PPC) published the "Recommended
> Guidelines 
> >for the Practice of Structural Engineering in California."
> >
> >Last weekend I had a chance to review this practice guideline. In
> summary, 
> >I like to say it is an excellent document that every practicing engineer 
> >should own. ICBO, has done a good job printing it in a simple and easy to
> >understand format.
> --------------------------
> This practice guidelines pamphlet has been compiled over a 12-year period,
> and released chapter-by-chapter during the interim. The "completed"
> version
> is the document now available through ICBO as Shafat mentioned. Individual
> members of any one of the four SEAOC Sections should have received a
> complimentary copy in the mail recently, along with a copy of the latest
> SEAOC Blue Book.
> It does indeed appear that ICBO has done a fine printing job. As a member
> of
> the authoring PP Committee in the final two years of the compiling effort,
> I
> have been witness to the superb chairmanship skills that Bret Lizundia has
> rendered, and to Bret in particular belongs credit for careful attention
> given to the simple and easy to understand format that the entirety was
> cast
> into. He worked up several format alternatives with help from ICBO's
> skilled
> publication staff, and afforded the PP Committee great latitude for timely
> review and influence. No matter was settled without everyone's keen
> participation.
> As the late 1999 completion neared, it was evident that some provisions in
> chapters written long ago weren't precisely in accord with what the newer
> committee members might have preferred, but those with memory of what it
> took to get consensus back then counseled a light touch. Thus revisions to
> older portions were very sparing, and reflect interest in clarity more
> than
> in revisiting the underlying philosophy. 
> The PP Committee is not among the autonomous ones in SEAOC, and the
> Practice
> Guidelines were subject to review and approval of the full SEAOC Board of
> Directors prior to publication. 
> The style of SE Practice this guideline contemplates is that of private
> consulting, primarily to architects as design team members, and
> secondarily
> to building owners. Other forms of SE practice also exist, but the
> guidelines are not yet oriented toward them. The Forensic chapter is the
> newest one, and was very thoroughly reviewed and refined during the last
> year. It is presently aimed at expert witness engagements in connection
> with
> civil litigation. It does not contemplate professional license discipline
> proceedings, for example, nor does the earlier Professional Conduct
> chapter.
> For these reasons and others, the Practice Guidelines now offered are
> complete, coordinated, and informative with respect to their originally
> intended scope, but are also eligible both for update and for extension in
> scope. I hope SEAOC will carry on with evolution and enhancement of these
> Practice Guidelines accordingly.
> Charles O. Greenlaw SE    Sacramento CA