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Re: Steel test reports below specified strength

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    <<  The fabricator has requested we use this steel to expedite the  project.  >>
As one associated with the steel fabrication industry, allow me to put my 2 cents in here.
On the assumption that the steel package was put out for competitive bids you would be doing the fabrication industry a disfavor to let the low bidder deviate from the job specifications.  It's kind of like getting in a women's britches.  "She said, 'NO', but she didn't really mean it.  Since most steels these days are produced to "dual specs" I would think that this column material is being purchased from a warehouse source rather than the mills.  I would go lay hands on the proposed materials with mill certs in hand to verify the the certs match up with the heat numbers rolled into the steel. Strange things DO happen when a fabricator wishes to cut costs.
And lastly, I would remember that the EOR is the one responsible for the structural integrity of the building.  You would have everything to loose and nothing to gain by this "after the fact" substitution.  I would urge you to hold his feet to the fire and make him furnish what he bid on.
Jimmy  C.......(hisself)