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RE: residential plywood diaphragm glue

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Most of the subfloor adhesive I have seen is like this. It is similar to a
caulk/mastic, it is not like a brittle epoxy.

Jeff Smith

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|~|Subject: RE: residential plywood diaphragm glue
|~|We often use 3M 5230 adhesive when we install new wood framing
|~|in retrofit work.
|~|It has a more elastic "gummy" hardness after it dries that
|~|allows the nails to
|~|continue to form ductile bending mechanisms.  We did some
|~|limited testing in
|~|samples using it after the Northridge EQ and were able to
|~|develop substantial
|~|strengths and ductilities.  Being more elastic, the glue tends
|~|to roll into tiny
|~|beads as the nails bend and the deformations become large.  We
|~|were even able to
|~|get significant ductility using screws in parallel with the
|~|glue.  It's too bad
|~|we didn't have the time or budget to carry through and publish
|~|the results.