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Re: Concrete flat slab strengthening

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To "reinforce" Harold's position.  Just yesterday I looked at a driveway
slab which used fibermesh.  The contractor/owner placed the slab with
expansion/control joints just as he would have had with plain concrete. 
His expectation was to have a relatively crack-free driveway.

>From a qualitative standpoint, I could see no improvement in crack-control
from plain concrete.

Fountain Conner

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> Subject: RE: Concrete flat slab strengthening
> Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 11:31 AM
> I guess that I don't understand the comment.  Most people who subscribe
> this list know that I am not a fan of polypropylene fibers in concrete. 
> shrink concrete does not have to contain polypropylene fibers.  I have
> seen any evidence that polypropylene fibers reduces shrinkage.  If that
is a
> contention, please send me the data on standard ASTM shrinkage tests in
> of testimonials.
> Regards,
> Harold Sprague
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