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Re: submit code questions on seismology web page

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Your comments are reasonable, but I take exception to your closing analogy.
Both politicians and CEO's are paid to perform their duties on a full-time
basis, with no other responsibilities.  SEAOC volunteers are unpaid, and perform
their duties after all of their company's contract work is completed, usually at
the expense of their personal life.

I believe it is reasonable to expect a high quality level for the work that the
SEAOC volunteers complete.

However, I believe it is unreasonable to impose schedule expectations on them.

If we continue to criticize the SEAOC volunteers because they don't meet
somebody's schedule expectations, don't be surprised that nobody volunteers in
the future.


Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo, CA


"Swingle, Mark" <Mark.Swingle(--nospam--at)> on 01/11/2000 09:55:41 AM

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Subject:  Re: submit code questions on seismology web page


To the people that know you, your comments may not appear arrogant and
cynical.  But to many of us who do not know you, they most certainly do.

Martin, I suggest that you work on your tone.  Your tone appeared TO ME just
as Dennis presented it, and I know neither you nor Dennis, except through
your written words.  I suggest that next time you remind us of this, you
include ALL the pertinent information such as the internet address, the
purpose of what you are asking, what the result will be, what length of time
you expect for a typical response, etc.  Many people, myself included,
missed the invitation the first time, so how could we expect to know what
you are talking about with your recent post?

You have VOLUNTEERED to be in your position.  You should be held to a higher
standard, and that is what Dennis was commenting on.  I had to go research
in the archives to find out what you were talking about.

Dennis, myself, and many others are frustrated that you and some people in a
similar position to yours, both past and present, do not appear to be doing
the job that we expect.  We base this conclusion on the RESULTS of your
efforts (the written documents such as the Blue Book and the SDM), not on
our perception or knowledge of your good intentions or your character.

And please, for the rest of you who may want to jump in and say, "Why don't
you try doing his job?", that is not the point.  We have every right to
criticize his actions without claiming to be able to do his job, just as we
all have the right to criticize a politician or a CEO without having to
claim to be able to do his/her job.  He has VOLUNTEERED to be in a similar

Mark Swingle, SE