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RE: Concrete flat slab strengthening

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Just have to comment here. It looks like our friend Murat is using a
Turkish-English dictionary to help him in his posts. I note he uses the word
"inland" below, when I think he means "interior". I can see trying to come
up with a word for "interior" out of a foreign language dictionary, and
finding "inland"!

I must say, he has fortitude. I wouldn't DARE think of trying to post in
SPANISH, for example, of which I have a passing knowledge! I don't have the
confidence that I wouldn't be laughed out of the forum for misusing a word
or phrase.

Keep up the good work, Murat!

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On the other hand, PP fibers also reduces shrinkage cracks. When concrete
turn into hardened state from plastic phase, (in three hours period) the
resistance for carrying inland loads power not enough to inland strength.
Therefore it cracks. Fibers helps to concrete to carry inland strengths
better during hardened state.