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RE: Concrete flat slab strengthening

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Following up to my previous post:

Here is a blurb from the Fibermesh, Inc., literature:

Fibermesh fibers control cracks caused by internal stresses. Concrete
structures are designed to withstand the calculated external structural
forces to which they will be exposed. Soon after concrete is placed, the
natural forces of gravity and drying conditions initiate disruptive internal
(intrinsic) forces on the fresh concrete which can result in cracking due to
the settlement, shrinkage, restraint and, in some cases, vibration. These
cracks are not structural in nature, but neither do they disappear when the
concrete hardens. In fact, most generally, they widen as further drying
takes place. These cracks increase the permeability of the concrete allowing
salts and other harmful chemicals to penetrate. These cracks lead to reduced
durability and service life of the concrete structure. This type of
non-structural cracking is reduced 80-100% by the use of appropriate volumes
of Fibermesh fibers.


More information can be found at