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Re: submit code questions on seismology web page

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Politicians and CEO's regularly complain of the demands on their time, and
how that cuts into their personal lives.  However, they know what they are
getting into and do so voluntarily.

I imposed no schedule expectations on Martin.  I simply asked that he
COMMUNICATE what his expected turnaround time is.  All of my comments were
intended as constructive criticism.

Many people do not volunteer for SEAOC committees due to the demands on
their time.  I am one of them.  I did volunteer for a short time in the
past, but did not continue because I could not meet the time demands of both
the committee and my family.  If I had continued, but did not spend the
necessary time at it, I would have EXPECTED criticism from those who did not

To some of us this list server is volunteer work too.  Some of us only have
time to read and respond to comments on this list server, and do so IN PLACE
OF serving on a committee.  We take our role seriously and try to provide
help, praise, criticism, etc, with respect to all topics on which we feel
competent to comment.  The time that we spend writing these messages is time
we could spend with our families, eating lunch, sleeping, etc.

What Dennis, myself, and others resent is that our comments are too often
seen as whining, rather than volunteer work that is equivalent in importance
and quality, if not time, to some of the work of SEAOC committee members.

This list server affords an opportunity for discussion of technical issues
among a much wider audience than SEAOC committees or dinner meetings.  This
resource should be used in a responsible way, and that includes having the
committee members take seriously the observations presented.

Mark Swingle, SE
Oakland, CA


Rick Drake wrote:


<<Your comments are reasonable, but I take exception to your closing
analogy. Both politicians and CEO's are paid to perform their duties on a
full-time basis, with no other responsibilities.  SEAOC volunteers are
unpaid, and perform their duties after all of their company's contract work
is completed, usually at the expense of their personal life.

<<I believe it is reasonable to expect a high quality level for the work
that the SEAOC volunteers complete.

<<However, I believe it is unreasonable to impose schedule expectations on

<<If we continue to criticize the SEAOC volunteers because they don't meet
somebody's schedule expectations, don't be surprised that nobody volunteers
in the future.


<<Rick Drake, SE
<<Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo, CA