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RE: Guidelines now available

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At 09:27 AM 01/11/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Is there a similar document for SEAW? Or, is the guidelines book suitable
>for those in neighboring states?
>Gina T. Gobo, E.I.T.
>Structural Engineering
>DLR Group, Seattle
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        My impression is that the guidelines are not tailored to any
particular state's regulatory climate, or to professional practices that are
somehow peculiar to California.

        Suitability for neighboring and other western U.S. states is
therefore likely. Differences in practices, such as scope of services, may
be substantial for eastern locations however. How this effects "suitability"
is not easy to say. 

        Many contributors to the guidelines understandably desired to
express some advocacy, and the guidelines are a mix of descriptions of
practice that already is commonplace, and practice that "ought to be," where
it isn't routine yet. The preface is emphatic that the booklet is "only a
guide and is not intended to be used to establish legal responsibilities or
a 'standard of care'."

Charles O Greenlaw  SE    Sacramento CA