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RE: Masonry wall construction

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In regards to the "solid/partial" grout question for construction in
California, we will typically design as "solid" if rebar spacing is closer
than 24"o.c., as we've been told by a few masonry contractors that at such a
close spacing, it's tough to keep the wall "partially-grouted". I don't know
if this view/practice is held by the "majority" of contractors or not.

Hope this helps.

Dave K. Adams, S.E.
Lane Engineers, Inc.

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Subject: Masonry wall construction


I need some advice regarding regional masonry wall construction practices.

As I understand it, CMU walls constructed in California are all grouted
solid.  No partial grouting is used regardless of applied load. 
Is this true or false?
(The traditional rationale has been that all the seismic research has been
done only on fully grouted CMU walls.)

What is the practice of using ladder reinforcing as opposed to rebar in
intermediate bond beams?

What is the practice in Alaska?

Harold Sprague