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RE: Masonry wall construction

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Yes, he/she WAS paying for it. I know, the owner SHOULD be paying for it,
not the contractor. Seldom happens this way (on my projects anyway).
Regardless, someone has to pay for it.


Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA

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||Subject: RE: Masonry wall construction
||I agree that partially grouted masonry is a good way to
||reduce lateral loads.
||I noted that the "contractor" complained about the special
||inspection costs. Was he/she paying for it?
||Mark E. Deardorff, SE
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||> Subject: RE: Masonry wall construction
||> Based on my experience:
||> I design partially grouted walls all the time. Particularly
||> with the new
||> code, I have gone to higher strength block grouted cells
||> further apart to
||> reduce the load on the diaphragms. The last wall section I
||> designed was
||> medium weight block, F'm=2,500 psi, #6 bars at 32",
||lightweight grout
||> f'c=3,200 psi. Granted, this was a tall wall. The *only*
||> complaint I got
||> from the contractor (other than the Special Inspection
||> charges) was with
||> regards to the high strength, light weight grout. Solid grout
||> walls put way
||> too much load on a sub diaphragm, but I am referring to a
||> wood diaphragm.
||> Your situation may be different.