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Re: Masonry wall construction

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I had never thought of only being able to get open end block in So.Cal. Here I
thought all along I was specifying open end block to make my mason buddies
lives a little easier.

Specifying closed end block, vert. steel at 16" and partial grouting:

So the added labor of mason to lift a closed end block to the height  required
to drop it over the vert. bar, the increased quantity of laps in vert. steel
resulting in increasing the total lineal footage of steel (because the mason
wants to limit the height to which he lifts) offsets the cost savings of:

1/2 the grout quantity, close end block vs. open end block (I wonder if there
is a cost difference between the two), lesser loads at the roof level (hardware
& sub-diaphragm)....

This would be interesting to have a definitive answer to, maybe I should start
specifying this wall assembly and make my mason buddies lift that block and
earn their living. Of course, maybe this would impact my living by losing
referrals, hmmm.


Bill Allen wrote:

> It's been my experience that grouting "closer than 24 inches" implies that
> grouting is at 16" or closer. Here in SoCal, most (if not all) blocks are
> open ended, sooo....grouting at 16" IS solid grouted whether you like it or
> not.
> Regards,
> Bill Allen, S.E.
> Laguna Niguel, CA