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Re: monopole antenae retrofit

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The addition of branches will significantly alter the effective drag
coefficient and drag area. It is likely that an monopole economically
designed for a particular set of transmitters and no branches would be
unable to accommodate the additional load.

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Subject: Re: monopole antenae retrofit

> I have a question about monopoles used for cellular antenna carriers. Has
> anyone ever had to take an existing monoplole structure and camouflage it
> with "branches" to make it look like a tree? Can such a retrofit be
> accomplished when the existing monopole was originally designed without
> "branches"?  A cell carrier has been asked by a municipality to do this if
> they wish to increase the height of the existing monopole from 80 to 130
> however the cellular company has come back with "Structurally, it cannot
> accomplished". Is it a structural problem or more of an economical one? Is
> anyone familiar with these monopole structures and can't they be modified
> support the additional loads? If so, how?
> John G., PE
> Garrison, NY