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Re: [StrucTX] Modeling Steel Deck As Shear Diaphragm

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Offhand I can't think of anything wrong with this approach.


"Polhemus, Bill" wrote:

> Please help me to refresh my memory:
> The way you want to do this in a simple wind load analysis is:
> 1. Determine steel roof deck type gage.
> 2. Compute G' value from manufacturer's catalogue information.
> 3. Determine an equivalent thickness of flat steel plate that will have G =
> G'.
> 4. Use this thickness as the property of your "plain stress" element which
> you will put in your model.
> If I'm forgetting stuff, let me know. Sorry, it's been awhile since I've
> done this and I have to be sure I've got it right.
> Thanks.