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regarding my sense of humor

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One of the things that I don't like about the shadow world of email is that it
is so immediate.  I get a notion to respond to a message, I write it, and it's
gone.  I generally try to write a draft of a message and sit on it for a while.
If I still like it a few hours later, I send it.  This practice has probably
reduced my email by half.  It also causes me to delete semi-humerous (or what
seemed so at first) remarks that tend to creep into my writing.  For those of
you who prefer that I keep my messages more dignified, I'm sorry.  However, I'm
not a very dignified type of person; you may have to put up with an occasional

Regarding my slow response time from the Dec. 3 meeting, sorry again.  I have
been circulating a draft among the seismology and code committies for 2 months.
It has been slow getting anyone to do anything during the holiday season.  I
think I am close to getting the final agreements, however.