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Re: monopole antenae retrofit

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My initial reaction, without considering the additional windage of "tree
branches", adding 50 feet to the pole probably won't work.  I would review
the original drawings, calculations and soil report before providing a
definite answer.  Some poles are designed for additional height later,
which would be reflected in an adequate pole, anchor bolts and foundation.

Communication poles are not usually designed for their strength.  Antenna
or panel rotation is the criteria.  Most of today's criteria for panels is
2.5 degrees.  I recently "redesigned" a 70' pole.  The pole was raised to
85  feet, but the criteria also required a new 4 foot diameter 18 gig dish
at 78 feet, which limited the pole rotation at this level to .40 degrees.
The outcome was a new pole and modification to the existing spread footing.

There are a number of companys that provide tree-like poles.
Valmont-Larsen is one and another is Chameleon Engineering of Santa Maria,
CA.  (800 479-4026)   Apparently they can provide palm trees and pine trees.  

I surmise that your pole is in New York.  Adding of the camouflage areas
would be handled per Table 3 of the TIA/EIA-222-F and ice would have to be
considered (check with local officials or your client).

Neil Moore, S.E.
Neil Moore and Associates

>I have a question about monopoles used for cellular antenna carriers. Has 
>anyone ever had to take an existing monoplole structure and camouflage it 
>with "branches" to make it look like a tree? 
>John G., PE
>Garrison, NY