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Re: regarding my sense of humor

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     I've found that (when it comes to conversation), 1. I am not a patient
person - and 2. I don't always choose my words the way I would truely want
to.  For example, Michelle Trzinsky (spell sorry) and the lady that was just
trying to get off of the list { ET.AL} I really "put my foot in it."  I
don't think things through like I USED TO and holding a draft of any future
posts sounds like a good idea.

I thank the list for your temperament and understanding,

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Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 12:50 PM
Subject: RE: regarding my sense of humor

>There are icons used in Internet e-mail that can represent a humor (:o)),
>anger (:>( ))and a number of other emotions. These are commonly used to
>represent the intention of your emails - essentially replacing facial
>expressions. Some time ago, Shafat and others put together an "Emoticon"
>list which you might find useful. Please remember that when someone does
>know you they tend to interpret your comments which are not direct.
>I wish to apologize to you for my very direct and critical comments to you,
>but hope that you understand my intentions. I hope you also understand that
>the idea of a "verbal minority" is important to us because it provides a
>voice similar to that of the volunteers in a committee. Participation has
>been an important and very limited resource in most of SEA's work - and to
>comment in any manner that may be conceived by even a few as negative or
>condescending is very damaging to the efforts of those few.
>One of the "realities" that I found difficult to face on an Internet Hub
>such as this is the correlation of apathetic or non-vocal professionals to
>that of the "brick-and-mortar" community. Essentially, they remain the same
>which indicates that convenience alone is not going to get people to
>participate in their profession. At this point I am at a loss for a medium
>to bring forth more participation among members of the profession (not just
>members of SEA).
>Although we are at the first rung of a very tall ladder, not every step is
>secure and what we need to keep in mind that we can slip back two for every
>one we progress if we are not careful.
>Finally, I am at fault as much as the next person and will make attempts to
>set my emails aside for a while until I reconsider another's post and the
>interpretations I'm reading into them.
>Dennis S. Wish, PE
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>Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 10:02 AM
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>Subject: regarding my sense of humor
>One of the things that I don't like about the shadow world of email is that
>is so immediate.  I get a notion to respond to a message, I write it, and
>gone.  I generally try to write a draft of a message and sit on it for a
>If I still like it a few hours later, I send it.  This practice has
>reduced my email by half.  It also causes me to delete semi-humerous (or
>seemed so at first) remarks that tend to creep into my writing.  For those
>you who prefer that I keep my messages more dignified, I'm sorry.  However,
>not a very dignified type of person; you may have to put up with an
>Regarding my slow response time from the Dec. 3 meeting, sorry again.  I
>been circulating a draft among the seismology and code committies for 2
>It has been slow getting anyone to do anything during the holiday season.
>think I am close to getting the final agreements, however.