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Re: SDM Vol. 1 Example 44 - Beam tie

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I do not have a copy of the new edition bluebook with me to verify the 0.3CaI. However, I think the 0.3CaI/1.4 = 0.3(0.40)/1.4 = 0.086 is close to the Z/5 = 0.4/5 = 0.08 required in the 1994 UBC. Is this an error in the 1997 UBC?  
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Sent: Wednesday, January 12, 2000 5:41 PM
Subject: RE: SDM Vol. 1 Example 44 - Beam tie

Interesting to note that the (new) SEAOC Blue Book notes the tie force as 0.3Ca I times DL + LL.  No commentary is provided for this requirement though.
For what it's worth, including "roof" LL wouldn't make much sense to me.
Steve Hiner, SE
City of Folsom
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Subject: SDM Vol. 1 Example 44 - Beam tie

In the design example(p. 138), the minimum tie force Eh between two beams is 0.5CaI times the dead load plus live load supported on the beams per Section 1633.2.5.
Can someone explain it to me if the live load includes roof live load or just the floor live load? If we have to include the roof live load, what is the reason behind it?
Julian Chu
Newport Beach, CA