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Re: Steel Structures in very Cold Climates

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Point of interested. When calling up ASTM grades etc in response 
to "International" requests, it would be handy to specify metric 
i.e  A588 is equivalent to Fy = 290 MPa, Fu = 435 MPa.

>From my intepretation of the original post, the steel in the existing 
structures may be  Fy = 250 - 260 Mpa.

It helps when cross checking non-ASTM steels, as is the case in 

As an Aussie working in the US, I have access to the relevant 
ASTM data, others may not.


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Subject:        	Steel Structures in very Cold Climates
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> My practice is to define the steel grade so brittle fracture can be avoided then use conventional design methods.  
> Main Structural Members:  ASTM A573, A588, A633 or CSA G40.21 44T and 50T
> Cold Form sections to ASTM A607 or A570
> HSS Sections to ASTM A500 (modified for impacts) or CSA G40.21, 50T and 50A
> Foundations: ASTM A252 Grade 3 modified for impacts.
> Also avoid executing critical welded connections in the field , use bolted connection with Structural bolts to ASTM A320.
> B.Davison, P.Eng.
> RND Engineering Ltd.
> Edmonton, Alberta