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There has been some discussion of this subject before, but I
need a little help.  I have been ask to review wages for
employees for our company along with two other owners.  I
don't have but a few days to do a little research, so I
don't have a lot of time to order publications etc.  Our
firm is a full service civil firm.  There isn't a lot I can
do about the civil end, but thought the list could give me a
little help with the structural.  About 80% of our work is
related to those nasty custom homes, anywhere from 1 to 5
million, high seismic and snow areas.  I didn't say I make
any money on them though.  If you respond, please give your
area, so I can adjust some if need be.  What is the going
rate for:
        Department head, 16 yrs, exp.
        Masters graduate, 1 yr. exp.
        Recently licensed PE, 5 yrs exp.
        Recent graduate, 0 yrs exp.
        Senior CAD operator.
        Junior CAD operator.

Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Joseph R. Grill, PE