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Wind Some, Lose Sum - Wind Governed

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The Millennium may have been a hoax; but the Wind ain't!

Help!  I have two light frame non-engineered outbuildings that have suffered collapse and near collapse.  We had some strong gusts.  Shore could use some advice on how best to shore and brace them to safely demolish and rebuild.

The first is a 21 x 55 ft "chicken coop" built in the 1930's.  (Exposure Coop C!)  The chickens had long since fled the coop, so no eggs were scrambled.  But the roof collapsed downward, bowing out the walls.  The ends are 12 ft in height at the ridge, with the walls 7 ft.  Both ends are sheathed in plywood and are still standing in defiance!  Could use some advice on how best to brace the walls and prop up and anchor the collapsed roof portion to remove contents and then safely demolish.  Rafters are 2 x 4, 24 in. o.c., and the ridge board is only 2 x 4.  Horizontal tongue and groove siding.  It sits on a post and beam wood floor.

The second is a garage on a slab with foundation.  15 x 30 ft plan, 7.5 ft walls, 12 ft to the ridge.
Also 2 x 4 rafters 24 in oc.  It's leaning to one side parallel to the long axis.  And the Wind popped
3 or 4 of the crosswise loose from the wall.  Vertical board and batten siding.

Would appreciate all help in how best to brace and shore (size of members, spacing, cleating and blocking); and how best to anchor the braces in the ground -- if you've been there and done that!

PS:  Will trade this for "plumbing" problem!

James Bela

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