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RE: Demolition, Tendons, Post-Tensioned Parking Deck

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Lubricants used in the early 70's were just petroleum lubricants (no
corrosion inhibitors) which often times leached out into the concrete
because of the generally poor quality sheaths used at the time.  I would not
characterize them as encapsulated.  Any lubricant that leaches out into the
concrete can leach out again, but the relative quantities would not be that
much different than what has dripped from cars for the past 30 years.
Hazardous materials are relative to quantity and where you are planning on
dumping them.

Have some samples submitted to a testing lab.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Demolition, Tendons, Post-Tensioned Parking Deck
> Now we're really getting into details...
> Does anyone out there know about the lubricants which were used in the
> early 70's?  The plan is to separate the tendons and rebar during
> demolition, and to dispose (land fill) of the concrete as "clean"
> material.
> Someone raised the question if the lubricants would be an unacceptable
> contaminant to the concrete.  My position is that any escaped lubricant
> would be essentially encapsulated within the concrete.  Can anyone offer
> additional enlightenment.
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