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Need old RHO messages

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I would appreciate anyone who can doing me a favor.  I have been trying to dig
through the SEAInt archives for over an hour and can't find the messages I
remember reading last fall.  Back then I was casually reading all the
messages on 10/Lw term in the RHO  calculation for UBC Eq. 30-1.  I remember
reading about  the term being derived for concrete and masonry shear walls
and was not originally intended for plywood shear walls.  Someone wrote a
very interesting message summarizing the history of the code provision.  Back
then I was not doing any plywood shear walls and didn't pay too close
attention.  Now I am and I am trying to recall what the resolution was.  I
remember some were saying it should be 4/Lw for plywood shear walls, others
were stating you had to use 10/Lw because that was in the adopted code.

If anyone personally saved the discussion on this issue, would you mind
forwarding a copy of it to me please?  I also remember that someone from ICBO
or SEAOC stated that there was going to be a magazine article written to
clarify it.  If you have any of those messages I would appreciate it as well.

Send the messages to me directly.  Don't clog up the list server with these
old messages.

Thanks so much.



Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team