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Old RHO Messages

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Richard, I compiled a number of Seaint e-mail messages on exactly this
subject and sent them in a series of five to an engineer friend locally.
Ever since then he calls this factor the WOE Factor, like he was Elmer Fudd.

I was told in September by Buddy Showalter of Amer Forest and Paper Assn
that they urged 4/Lw to the Seismology Committee for plywood shear walls,
but to no avail. 

My own examination shows that the present Rho factor procedure for plywood
shear walls completely missed the point on obtaining redundancy; instead it
penalized lack of lineal feet of panel, regardless of stress per foot or
number of panels. It is a regular Rosemary's Baby of a code "new arrival".

The message traffic you ask about began very late in July and ran through
the first week of August, 1999.

I'll forward the five-part compilations, which are addressed to a different

Charles O. Greenlaw  SE  Sacramento CA