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Re: re NEHRP Provisions - 1994, 1997

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Dear Frank:  As a followon to my earlier note to you, the CD permits searching by lat/long as well as by zipcode.  It also permits the soils factor to be considered.  Claret

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Ron Hamburger,

Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to provide the very 
informative information that your email messages present.

Do you know if BSSC and/or FEMA, working with E. V. Leyendecker, USGS, is 
going to provide the MCE earthquake hazard data on a CD-ROM for the 1997 
and/or 2000 NEHRP Provisions?  Asking the same question in a different form, 
will ICC provide the MCE earthquake hazard data on CD-ROM for the 2000 IBC?  
It is obvious that the 2000 IBC, Figure 1615 series maps are not readily 
useable in their 2000 IBC, July 1998 Final Draft format.

Do you know if some agency (ASCE, BSSC, and/or FEMA), working with E. V. 
Leyendecker,  will provide the ASCE/FEMA 273 and ASCE/FEMA 310 Standards 
earthquake hazard data for the FEMA 273 Basic Safety Earthquake 1 (BSE-1) and 
Basic Safety Earthquake 2 (BSE-2) on a CD-ROM?

Do you know what the CD-ROM format might be?  By Zip Code, by latitude and 
longitude, and/or some other location designator?

By copy of this email message to others listed in the "CC" list, I am also 
asking them if they have any information concerning the answers to the above 
questions in this email message that they would be willing to share with the 
SEAOSC List Service.

Frank E. McClure   January 14, 2000