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RE: Rho for diaphragms

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There are no sections in the code that specifically exempt the diaphragm
from application of Rho. However, if you look at 1630.1.1 under definition
of Eh (which Rho gets applied to) it refers to earthquake loads as set forth
in 1630.2 and 1632. The provisions for diaphragm design are in 1633.2.9.
Therefore, I would conclude that Rho need not be applied to the diaphragm.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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	Subject:	Rho for diaphragms

	The Seismic Design Manual states in at least three places that rho
	does not apply to diaphragms.  Unfortunately no code reference is
	given for any of these three notations.

	Can anyone cite the CODE reference (97 UBC) where this is stated?

	thanks in advance

	Mark Swingle, SE