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RE: Shear Wall Lengths

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Check out Section 2315.5.3 for the 4'-0" requirement which applies "except
at boundaries and changes in framing where minimum sheet dimension shall be
24 inches unless all edges of the undersized sheets are supported by framing
members or blocking."  Note that your inspector is wrong in that the 11"
sheet is undersized even if blocked. However, your recommendations do meet
the code.

Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland CA

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	Subject:	Shear Wall Lengths

	I got a comment today that I've never heard of before.

	I have a project under construction which includes plywood shear
walls. The
	inspector has directed the framer that the shear wall panels are to
be 4'-0"
	in length with the only exception being the last panel. In other
words, if
	the shear wall length is 24'-11" long, he is to use six 4'-0" panels
and one
	panel 11" long. Of course, I thought this would be something similar
	horizontal diaphragms where we like to see a minimum panel length of
	so I instructed the framer to use five 4'-0" panels, one 2'-0" panel
and one
	2'-11" panel. The inspector said that I would have to write a letter
	that it is O.K. to use a panel "in the field" less than 4'-0" in

	Is there ANYTHING in the UBC that states shear wall panels must be
4'-0" in
	length? I think a 11" long panel is a bad idea, although I have not
	able to find anything in the code that specifies the length of the
	(even the 2'-0" requirement).


	Bill Allen, S.E.
	Laguna Niguel, CA