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Re:(Blank "Subject" LIne and "From" Line "unknowsender@unknown.domain

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Charles Greenlaw,

I am not sure if other subscribers to the SEAOSC List Service have the same 
problem that I am having with SOME of your email messages to the SEAOSC List 

Your attached email message with a date and time: 1/10/00 3:23:37 PM Pacific 
Standard Time had a "Subj: ......(blank)........" and "From: 

Your important email messages might be missed by many subscribers to the 
SEAOSC List Service if they have the same problem that I am experiencing 
because your messages do not have a "Subject" (which are received by me 
"blank") and your name is not listed under "From."

Safat Qazi has suggested that it might be caused because I use AOL as ISP.

Could someone, including Safat Qazi, suggest how I can contact someone at AOL 
or at some other locations to get an explanation of why I am receiving some 
of  Charles Greenlaw's and other subscriber's email messages with a blank 
Subject  line and the "From" line as described above.

Thank you for your help.   I do not want to miss any of your messages.

Frank E. McClure