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Re: (Blank "Subject" LIne and "From" Line "unknowsender@unknown.domain

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I too am an AOL subscriber and get messages from Charles Greenlaw, Shafat, 
Chris Wright, and a few others with the same missing information.  I've 
suspected that it was an AOL characteristic since a few months ago Ben 
Yousefi sent me an email saying that he, having two different email service 
providers, got the missing information on his AOL account only.  Dennis Wish 
complained in a post some time ago of a similar problem, and soon after 
changed to Earthlink as his provider.  (I haven't asked Dennis why, but 
assume that the missing info was probably at least part of the reason).  I'm 
currently considering a change to Earthlink or some other provider, but I'm 
being slow to act because the condition is manageable I've learned that, once 
I have things working the way I want them on my computer system, a change 
inevitably change leads to a few hours of frustrating problems to solve, and 
I don't want a hassle right now.

I've tried a number of times to get help from AOL, but get only cookbook 
answers from people who don't try to understand the problem.