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Welding Steels of Different Specifications

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I am designing a weldment that will consist of 3 different steels: ASTM's 
A36, A572 grade 50, and A607 grade 50.  I need to develop no more strength in 
the weld than is required to develop the A36 steel.  The A572 material is to 
be welded to the A36 and to the A607.  As I read Section 3.3 (Base Metal 
Combinations) and Table 3.1 of AWS D1.1:1998, E7015, E7016 or E7018 (low 
hydrogen electrodes) may be used as filler metal, using SMAW.  This is based 
on my reading that weld filler metal that is compatible with the lower 
strength base metal in the assembly may be used provided the base metal is 
listed in Table 3.1 and low hydrogen electrodes are used.

Is this correct?

Why would I want to do such a thing?  Well, its not the strangest thing I've 
had to do in my work on old buildings.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer