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Re: AutoCAD-Word problem

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In our office we have a printer driver for AutoCAD that allows
"plotting" to a .wfm file (windows metafile). The .wmf can then
be imported into MSWord or other program as a picture, maintaining 
all line weights, text fonts & positions, etc. as from a plot.

Simply cutting and pasting from AutoCAD just gets the screen image
into the document, which is never what I want.

Mark Ketchum - San Francisco

Jelena Bleiziffer <jelena(--nospam--at)> wrote:
>Is it possible to keep the lineweights when inserting AutoCAD 
>drawings into a Word document?
>The other problem I have when doing the same is that text 
>(especially the one on the dimension lines) isn't in the same 
>place as in AutoCAD drawing.
>Any help?
>Jelena Bleiziffer