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RE: Visqueen under slab in Arizona

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George Richards, P.E.,

It has been about 10 years since I was involved with buildings in the Yuma
Valley but almost all of the commercial buildings used a plastic moisture
barrier to protect the integrity of the floor finish.  If it is was not used
in residential construction it was for cost saving for the builder only.
There were usually problems later with moisture and mineral deposits coming
up through the slab joints.   Now this is in the immediate valley areas
where the water table is 2 ft to 10 ft. below the surface.  In areas of
higher ground and sandy soil it is a different situation although they could
still be defined as "along the Colorado River".

Jim Persing

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Subject:	Visqueen under slab in Arizona

 We are being told that it construction practice in Arizona along the
Colorado river is to not place Visqueen under residential floor slabs.
Would anyone please comment.

George Richards, P. E.