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RE: [StrucTX] LRFD for SDI Diaphragm Design?

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Charlie -
 To further expand upon your response, I recall a steel roof deck LRFD load
tables bulletin provided on the inside face of a recent Modern Steel
Construction cover.
Charlie Canitz 

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Subject: RE: [StrucTX] LRFD for SDI Diaphragm Design?

That would work. I think the Steel Deck Institute has a lot of LRFD deck
design information that you could use, though. They're at <>  .

Also, try with a manufacturer like Bouras Industries: <>  . I know from their
add in AISC's Modern Steel Construction that they have LRFD load tables for
steel deck.


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Subject: [StrucTX] LRFD for SDI Diaphragm Design? 

Has anyone got any information or insight into designing steel roof deck, 
e.g., using Load and Resistance Factor Design principles? 

It seeems to me that, for example, since the "factors of safety" are shown 
in the design value charts, one ought to be able to come up with the 
"ultimate strength", and then it's simply a matter of the proper reduction 

Any comments? 

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