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RE: Visqueen under slab in Arizona

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Brent Koch wrote:

>>What are common [effective] remedies for slabs experiencing moisture
migration and the resulting efflorescense?<<


In the example that I cited, the problem was first discovered by the 
homeowner in a bedroom that was being used as a storeroom which did not get 
cleaned as regularly as other rooms of the house.  In other words, if the 
bedroom was cleaned as regularly as the rest of the house, the efflorescense 
probably would never have built up enough to be noticeable.  The house was a 
slab-on-grade house and was at the top of a hill.

In order to eliminate a water leak under the house as a source of the 
moisture migration, I recommended that tests be conducted on the water and 
sewer lines.  Since I never heard back from the homeowner, I would have to 

A. There was no water or sewer line leak, or,

B. There was a water and/or sewer line leak and the homeowner had it 
repaired, or,

C. The homeowner, now knowing what the "white stuff" was, determined that 
they could live with it, or,

D. Sought someone else's opinion.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona