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RE: ET&F fastening systems

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I have specified this fasteners in the past and would also specify them for
the application you describe.
George Richards

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Subject: ET&F fastening systems

I was at a site yesterday and just missed a demo from ET&F fastening systems
Model-500 pneumatic fastening system.  This is an alternative to screws /
PAF's for use in attaching plywood/sheating/nailers/rigid insulation/etc. to
bar joists/metal studs/metal trusses. It uses a pneumatic gun and spiral
shanked "nails."
The contractor presented me with copies of mfr. data, an ICBO report giving
diaphragm capacities for plywood to metal stud walls (values are roughly 50%
of those in the SBC section 2213), and approvals from Hardie Building
Products for use on HardiPanel.
I saw some demo installations that were done by the salesman.  Where I
expected the metal studs to be "puckered" at the fastener location, there
was no more deformation than one might expect with a self-drilling screw.
The fasteners did exhibit some over-driving but this should (according to
the contractor who saw the demo) be able to be adjusted out.
I'm not going to let them use this on my shearwalls (they're already up,
anyway), but I am going to approve it for attaching 1x4 sleepers between a
metal roof deck and plywood nailing surface.
I just wanted to know if anyone else has experience with this product.  It
sure looks like it could save a lot of time and $$$ during construction.
Sherman D. (Dan) Vines
Willett Engineering Co., Inc.
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