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PE Exam

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The strongest recommendation I can make is a PE Review course usually
sponsored by NSPE.  I took mine through from University Alabama.  You would
have to call the local branch or university and they usually know when it is
offered.  I recommend it because it is a helpful refresher and forces one to
study and do homework you might not be inclined to do otherwise.  The course
usually runs approximately $400 and in my case met on Saturday mornings.
The required text for the course is the reference materials from Lindeburg.
Purchase the whole packet with the sample questions and answers etc.  The
additional problems and solutions manuals can help prepare for the exam
certainly, but also serve as additional reference information for the exam.
You may even find a problem in the solutions manual almost identical to a
problem on the exam (I know several who have).
Certainly others have preferred texts but Lindeburg's is mine.  It also
covers enough other material is has been a nice addition to my reference
In addition, if you are not familiar with it, I would recommend purchasing
an HP48GX with at least the PE card.  It has 400+ formulas already in it for
weirs, beams, etc so that you can focus more on the problem and let the
calculator solve the equation.  You still have to have consistent units
etc., but makes an excellent check also.  Calculator runs around $200 and
the card is another $100.
Check out the following web site for "package deals" that may help you save
a few bucks.

Dennis B. Decator P.E.
Structural Department