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Re: Fw: Virus Alert

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Unless someone actually wrote a virus this month and called it "It takes guts
to follow Jesus", this is an OLD hoax.

Now there is an idea for a creative hacker who wants to rain havoc.  Go into
the old hoax archives and write some viruses with the old hoax names.  All of
us who follow the hoaxes would get caught!

Hope none of you structural engineers dabble in the viruses!

My favorite place to check hoaxes are:

Actually though, to be of some service to the community, I will pass on a
message I just received today from Microsoft, with actual web pages which you
should check first before passing on, that give concerns of a new virus AND
hoaxes.  I will paste it in as follows:

=B7 Worm.Explore.Zip Virus Alert
Microsoft has learned that a variant of the Worm.Explore.Zip virus has
tly affected a number of computer users and companies. Find out what Microso=
ft is doing and what you can do to stop its spread and avoid infection.

=B7 Don't Be Alarmed by These Hoaxes
These are the most widely reported hoaxes currently circulating related to M=
icrosoft products:

US Institute of Y2K Readiness Hoax
Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT Year 2000 E-mail Hoax
Y2K Virus "Y2Kcount.exe" Market Bulletin



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Missionary TECH Team

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