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RE: SEAInt Archive Search

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I've had a similar problem in the past.  I decided that the problem was most
likely due to the way that the archive volumes are organized (and presumably
searched).  You will notice that 1999a (which is months 1-3) occurs before
1999b (monts 4-6), etc.  When I perform a search, the results returned seem
to be tied to the order of the archive volumes rather than being in reverse
chronological order.  I believe the search stops after a certain amount of
time which means that it doesn't always get to the more recent stuff that is
in later volumes.  When I'm looking for something more recent, I just go to
the volume in question and look at the posts (after appropriate sorting).

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> Subject: SEAInt Archive Search
> I have tried several times in the last week to do a search in the
> list server
> mail archives.  The earliest date returned in the search is June
> 30, 1999.
> Is it possible to search between 6/30/99 and today?
> Rich
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