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RE: Diaphragm Design Per 1633.2.9 Using ASD

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You wrote:
> do I then set LL and SL to zero in the load
> combinations of 1612.3?  What about "D", do I just set it to zero
> to because it
> does not apply? Does the code specifically allows me to do this?

Although many improvements can be made to the code in terms of clarity, I
wouldn't be unduly concerned by the fact that some of the loads in a given
load combination don't apply to a given element.  For instance, we don't
question that S, W, or L may be zero for certain members.  Clearly (from
Section 1612.2.2) F, H, P, and T may be zero for certain members.  We often
implicitly take ALL loads equal to zero by neglecting axial forces in some
beams (that we idealize to have pin-roller support conditions).