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RE: Galvanizing High Strength Bolts

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AISC's LRFD Sec. Ed. Vol. II states "...ASTM A325 Type I high-strength bolts
and A449 boltsare permitted to be galvanized; A490 bolts are not permitted
to be galvanized."

This is on Page 8-18 of the LRFD manual.  It also describes mechanical vs.
hot-dip galvanizing in short, referring the reader to AISC (1993). ASTM B695
covers mechanical galvanizing and ASTM A153 covers hot-dip galvanizing..
So, it looks like its fine except for A490 bolts, just choose a galvanizing
method.  Hope this answers your question fully--


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> Subject:	Galvanizing High Strength Bolts
> Is it possible to hot dip galvanize (hot dip) high strength bolts and
> threaded rod, or will the heat of the process destroy the tempered
> qualities of the material?
> All input is appreciated.
> Paul Feather
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