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Re: Welding Rebar

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> What if it's welded on a 20 below zero day like we have in MN (well, rare 
>this year), couldn't it get brittle?
Welding shouldn't be done below 32F anyway. As for low temperature 
brittleness, it's a problem inherent in certain materials (high carbon 
re-bar among them) that exists independent of whether or not it's welded, 
although strictly speaking, poor welding can make things worse locally. 

There's some local Minnesota history with welded re-bar. About 20 years 
ago an added floor on one of the downtown Minneapolis parking ramps 
collapsed when some re-bar welds broke. The floor was aded at the top 
level to provide more parking space, and it dropped right straight to 
ground. I lost the articles describing the failure but a contributing  
cause was lack of ductility in the re-bar welds. 

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