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Re: PE Exam

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You might want to be careful with the HP48GX calculator...some states don't
allow programable calculators for the PE exam (or SE exam).  I cannot
remember for the Michigan PE but I do know that the Illinois SE (and I
assume PE) exam prohibited programable calculators.


At 08:45 AM 01/19/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>The strongest recommendation I can make is a PE Review course usually
>sponsored by NSPE.  I took mine through from University Alabama.  You would
>have to call the local branch or university and they usually know when it is
>offered.  I recommend it because it is a helpful refresher and forces one to
>study and do homework you might not be inclined to do otherwise.  The course
>usually runs approximately $400 and in my case met on Saturday mornings.
>The required text for the course is the reference materials from Lindeburg.
>Purchase the whole packet with the sample questions and answers etc.  The
>additional problems and solutions manuals can help prepare for the exam
>certainly, but also serve as additional reference information for the exam.
>You may even find a problem in the solutions manual almost identical to a
>problem on the exam (I know several who have).
>Certainly others have preferred texts but Lindeburg's is mine.  It also
>covers enough other material is has been a nice addition to my reference
>In addition, if you are not familiar with it, I would recommend purchasing
>an HP48GX with at least the PE card.  It has 400+ formulas already in it for
>weirs, beams, etc so that you can focus more on the problem and let the
>calculator solve the equation.  You still have to have consistent units
>etc., but makes an excellent check also.  Calculator runs around $200 and
>the card is another $100.
>Check out the following web site for "package deals" that may help you save
>a few bucks.
>Dennis B. Decator P.E.
>Structural Department
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