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Re: Fwd: Where are ENGINEERS ??

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Attention  SEAINT:

Recent messages on visbility  woes of ENGINEERS


Bob  Johnson


"I beg your pardon, but they never promised you a woes garden."

Don't you think the garden is largely our own making?  If you're invisible, how will you promote your visibiity?

It's interesting that before the Challenger disaster, all of the "engineers" out in Utah were assembled into a meeting to discuss whether the Shuttle should be launched, given the freezing temperatures.  They were unanimous that they should NOT launch.
The "O Ring" problem was well known:  they had leaked and been burned through before.  Just never "both" O Rings had leaked and burned at the same time.  The rocket motor could have been made in one piece in Louisiana, and barged to the Cape, eliminating the need for the O Ring altogether.  But Utah got the "job", and the O Rings were necessary to split the engines into two halves for shipping and reassembly at the Cape.  Otherwise, why would anyone concoct an idea to use a rubber gasket near rocket gas exhaust?  But I digress.  The leader of the engineering team was specifically asked "to take off his engineering hat and put on his management hat":  so the Launch Must Go On!  You know the rest.

Or what about the fact that (I believe - because the seaint website is not available at this writing) most respondents to the question (on the seaint website): "Did an engineer have a responsibility to report an unsafe building?" responded No!  That should make a good endearing story, about as popular as Ford Motor Company's handling of the Pinto's exploding gas tank.

Somehow, hiring public relations experts seems only part of the solution.  In Oregon, there are no engineers in the legislative assembly.  The Administrator of the Building Codes Division, who adopts the Structural Specialty Code, is not a structural engineer.  The Building Codes Structures Board, who makes the recommendation to the Administrator on code adoption matters, has no structural engineer on it. If they can't even find you, no one will come to you for leadership.

Now, time to get back and tend to my own Rho's garden.  Time for Tea:  Flexibility . . or . . Rigidity . . I just can't decide!

James Bela

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